Managed IT Services

Cheshire Technologies’ managed IT services allow organizations of all sizes to feel a sense of relief when it comes to technology. We streamline your IT footprint while you focus on taking care of your clients.

Worry less about IT hardware

Cheshire Technologies takes responsibility of all IT hardware. Anything from the ISP down to the networking, we handle it all so you don’t have the burden. Our team works tirelessly to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve all hardware issues to ensure you can meet your goal. Cheshire Technologies has access to many different vendors, allowing us to quote and purchase any needed hardware for you and your team.

Why switch to our Managed Services?

Remote monitoring and management

We monitor all systems 24/7, allowing our team to respond to any potential incidents or outages before you know.

Helpdesk Support

Our team is full of experienced technicians that are ready at any given time to handle any issues.


Business continuity and disaster recovery is one of our top priorities. Backups are critical to keeping your data available and your business running. Disasters and unforeseen incidents can happen at any time, let our team protect you and your business from preventable disaster scenarios.

Project Management

Our qualified technicians are ready to take responsibility of planning and owning current and future projects, ensuring the job is done efficiently and within constraint.

Network Monitoring and Management

Your network is designed and managed by our team to ensure all devices are secure, data is available, and downtime is non-existent.

Get started now!

Staying up to date with current technology trends is something you should not be responsible for. Let us help you achieve your goals today!