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Cheshire Technologies guarantees the reliability, security and availability of your cloud hosted network. Our team is committed to providing cost-effective solutions to ensure your data is accessible from anywhere.

Move your Business to the Cloud

Cheshire Technologies is based in New Hampshire, while providing specialized cloud solutions and IT consulting nationally. Our two most popular hosting solutions are IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service) and DaaS (Desktop-as-a-service). These two solutions run in tandem with each other to provide you with a fully cloud hosted environment, accessible from anywhere.

These Cloud Hosted solutions eliminate the need for troublesome physical hardware, lowering your chance of data availability issues. There is no need to worry about upgrading physical equipment every few years to stay in compliance, or scheduling downtime in order to update and upgrade hardware as this is all included in the cost of becoming a Cloud Hosted partner. Having your data accessible anytime, anywhere is critical for all businesses.

Why switch to Cloud Hosted?


Having to worry about physical hardware failing or becoming obsolete is daunting and difficult to plan for. Troublesome power or internet outages are just little issues that make your business-critical data unavailable. By moving to the cloud, no little power or internet outage, hardware failure or upgrade causes your data to become unavailable. Our automated backups and region-wide redundancy ensures your data is always readily available.


Security is currently any organization’s top technology priority right now. Cloud Hosting allows your business to feel that your data is always secure. By utilizing Microsoft 365/Azure, there are many different security stacks put in place to protect your data. These security stacks include built in Compliance, Security policy management, Site Recovery, Disk Encryption, Virtual Firewalls, Multi-factor authentication and much more.


There is no more need to purchase, maintain or upgrade physical hardware. Physical servers are expensive to maintain, run and upgrade every few years. With cloud-hosting, you not only get rid of the expensive physical burden, you pay only for what you need. It is difficult to spec-out a physical server and plan for future updates and growth. Vendor-supported applications or system requirements are constantly increasing their thresholds. By moving to the cloud, you eliminate the worry of under or over provisioning and the overall physical hardware nightmare.


As your business grows, resources in the cloud allow you to scale up or down with ease. There is no need to worry about purchasing or upgrading more physical equipment to allow for growth. Being hosted in the cloud allows you to have the freedom of scalability without being bound to expensive decisions.

Cloud Hosted Solutions

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